13 причин переехать в Панаму

edificio-comercial-en-venta-en-casco-viejo - san-felipe-panama-20321. Safety. In Panama, a very low crime rate compared with countries such as USA, Canada, Russia.

2. Attractiveness. The proximity of 2 oceans make Panama a very attractive for beach lovers. Also of note is the natural beauty of Panama, that’s why it is called a tropical paradise. Panama wonderful tourist country. English is the second language of the country, and panamiytsy some of the most friendly and hospitable in the world.

3.Stabilnost. Panama currency US dollar. Through the Panama Canal are 6% of world trade. Economy Panama will always be stable. No wonder called – “Latin American Switzerland”! Panama – a democratic country, with strabilnoy political system, far from political upheavals.

4. Panama- is cosmopolitan. Modern city – Panama City – a tall modern buildings Punta Pacifica, a beautiful promenade Balboa luxury hotels and villas on the beach, at the same time – no hurricanes or earthquakes.

5. The attractiveness for investment attractive property prices. Make an investment of 200 000 US dollars, or to obtain a loan on a property in Panama bank, you get a residence permit, and then a second passport of the Republic of Panama, which gives you the opportunity to visit 35 countries without a visa. Also, your investment will always go up in price.

6. In Panama, very modern medical care, which by the way is very accessible by the prices at stavneniju with countries such as the United States and Canada. There is also a wide system of medical strahovaliya.

7. Panama is very interesting for lovers of ecotourism. Here are the most accessible rainforests in the world. In Panama, we can meet the richest flora and fauna of the forest. Panama’s national reserves cover 5 million acres of land. In Panama, recorded 1,050 species of birds.

8. In recent years, Panama cemented its reputation as one of the most reliable international banking centers behind Switzerland and Hong Kong. In it are located more than 100 local and international banks, is constantly increasing the number of financial transactions carried out. State constantly introduces new laws stimuliruyushie investment and economic growth of the country.

9. In Panama, many interesting places and they are all easy to dosyagaemy.Ekzoticheskie rainforests, attractive beaches on the Pacific Ocean, the crystal waters of the Caribbean Sea, exotic indeyskaya culture capital in the style of Miami, historic sites, scuba diving, snorkeling, rafting, excellent fishing, such interesting sight as the Panama Canal. Panama wonderful tourist country

10. In Panama, very privelekatelny climate: summer all year round!

11. Panama has the best pension plan in the world.

12. Foreigners can easily purchase property in Panama and have the same rights as Panamanian citizens

13. Panama has the best infrastructure in Latin America roads.